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Welcome to Charlottes Hospitality LLC menus page. Below is the types of menus we offer, things will be added as time goes on. There is no pricing due to the fact is that our packages and pricing is all tailored to what you want for your event! We want to have each event be unique to you. Everyone wants different styles and themes so there is no set pricing. We have something for almost everyone's budget! What makes us the most UNIQUE company is that we offer Brazilian style catering. Have you ever  visited a Brazilian Steakhouse? It is a plated meal style catering with each server walking around table to table carving the meat right in front of you! It is a good way to WOW your guests. You want an hors d'oeuvres only event? look no further we got you covered. Do you have many guests with food allergies and restrictions? I have a wheat and peanut allergy so we can make any food gluten free! If you do not see anything on the menu that catches your eye, call us we can do a tailored menu to your liking.

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